Heating and cooling for the new Living and Learning Student Residence Hall (LLRH6) is provided by a geothermal field located below the surface of Olmsted Green. The geothermal system—considered state-of-the art in green energy production-- consists of a grid of eighty-eight wells and distribution system. The consulting engineers, Setty & Associates recommended the geothermal system in a feasibility analysis commissioned by the university in August 2010.

The geothermal system on this, and potentially other future projects, presents a viable means to relive demand on Gallaudet’s aging central boiler/chiller plant.  Given the available geothermal capacity of campus open spaces, the energy efficiency and relative ease of maintenance the Setty report made a compelling case for considering a long-term plan for transitioning the campus from the central plant to a dispersed, all geothermal system.  The field supporting LLRH6 will serve as a test case.  As it is successful as planned, the project could mark the beginning of a new era of sustainability for Gallaudet University.