A NACE Link Network Career Services Manager (CSM) database system, Bison CareerLink (BCL) is Gallaudet University Career Center's on-line resume and recruiting system.   BCL allows Gallaudet students and alumni an array of information and services to assist them with their career and employment exploration. It includes on campus student employment opportunities, off campus employment listings, and internship information. Students and alumni can post their resumes on BCL for perusal by potential employers. Current students can also make appointments with their Career Consultant or other Career Center staff. Additionally, through BCL, students and alumni can obtain information about Career Center up-coming events.   Employers can use BCL to post internship and job availabilities, view students' resumes, and sign-up for information tables, on-campus recruiting events, mock interviews and register for the bi-annual Internship and Job fairs.  


  If you are seeking an internship or employment, the Career Center's "Bison CareerLink" is for you.   Go to the Bison CareerLink (BCL). At the "Sign In" page, enter your Gallaudet username and password. (Make sure you include "@gallaudet.edu" after your name in the sign-in box.)   For more information or assistance with accessing the BCL system, contact the Gallaudet University Career Center at 202-651-5240(TTY/V) or e-mail: career.center@gallaudet.edu.  


  As a Gallaudet alumni, you are allowed to take advantage of many of the Career Center services including use of Bison CareerLink (BCL).  If you already have a BCL account, please make sure that you change your status to "Alumni" once you graduate. Additionally, please make sure that you change your Gallaudet email address to a personal email address. You will not be able to access your BCL account using your Gallaudet email address after graduating.  


  The Bison CareerLink (BCL) is a free, user-friendly online career management system. Employers are able to use the BCL to:  
    • Post position descriptions for full-time and part-time jobs and internships.
    • Collect applications and resumes for internship and jobs.
    • Register for careers fairs and other on-campus recruiting activities.
    • Collect data and report recruiting outcomes.
    New employers may register online to utilize the system.  If you already have an account, login using your e-mail address and password.