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How to Register

Professional Studies and Training (PST) courses are offered for non-degree credit by the Center for Continuing and Online Education. The courses are open to anyone who is qualified to do college-level work. Adults with a high school diploma or its equivalent and visiting students from other colleges may enroll in PST courses.  Applicants under age 18 must provide proof of graduation on a high school transcript or a GED certificate.

PST Graduate Level Courses
Graduate-level courses require completion of an undergraduate degree. A copy of your BA/BS transcript must accompany your registration.

International Students
Non U.S. citizens, including green card holders, MUST follow the procedures outlined under International Students. A visa is not required for online students if you are not physically in the United States.

CCOE expects members of the University community, including PST registrants, to be honest and professional in all of their dealings with the institution.  CCOE adheres to the academic integrity policies for undergraduate students, if the PST course is not cross-listed with either an undergraduate or graduate level course. If the PST course is cross listed, then the undergraduate or graduate level academic integrity policies apply.

For information on tuition and fees, see the section on Financial Information.

Application Checklist:

  1. Complete the Online Application and Registration to submit your application electronically OR complete the Course Registration/Payment Information form (PDF) to mail or fax your application.
  2. If you are interested in taking a graduate-level course, you must provide CCS with a copy of your BA/BS transcript along with your registration forms. Submission of a college transcript for PST prefixed courses is only required when indicated as a course prerequisite.
  3. Complete and submit the VISA Information form to CCS if you are an international applicant.
  4. If you are planning to stay on-campus, you may apply online (summers only). For more information, see Summer Housing/Meals.
  5. Full payment, or authorization for payment (signed tuition waiver, VR Authorization, or Purchase Order) is required to complete your application.
  6. Eligible Gallaudet employees should complete an application and submit it with an approved tuition waiver form to or bring it to Kendall Hall 104.

Youth Programs

For information or to register, please visit Summer Youth Camps

Gallaudet University Employees

A regular status staff employee must satisfactorily complete the initial probationary period before the employee or eligible family member may enroll in the course for which tuition waiver is being requested. (This requirement does not apply to sign language classes for employees.) A regular status faculty member or teacher may enroll and apply for tuition waiver following the effective date of employment. Part-time employees and their family members are eligible to apply for tuition waiver for one course per semester only.

Employees and their eligible family members who have tuition waived are not eligible for University sponsored financial aid programs designed to supplement tuition and lab fees.

Applicants must satisfy the admissions requirements and adhere to all registration guidelines. Registration officials within the University determine the availability of space within the class following admission of tuition-paying students.

Currently Enrolled Gallaudet Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Matriculated students (Gallaudet students enrolled in a degree program) should register through CCS for PST prefixed classes. Note: PST tuition and application fees are waived for full-time Gallaudet undergraduate (12 credits) and graduate students (9 credits); part-time students are required to pay tuition and application fees.  All students are responsible for lab, test, material fees, and late fees.

Online Course Policy for Full time Gallaudet Students and Employees

Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff are to take on-campus courses to fully maximize the benefits of ASL learning.

Consortium Students

Students registering for courses through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area do so through their home institution and pay that institution's tuition fees. All classes held on campus will be conducted in American Sign Language unless otherwise specified in the course description.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is 3 weeks prior to the start of class during the fall and spring semesters and 2 weeks prior to class during the summer session. Depending on class availability, applications may be accepted after the deadline, but will incur a $50 late fee

Confirmation of Enrollment

Confirmation will be emailed to you upon approval of your registration. Contact the Center for Continuing and Online Education at with any questions regarding your registration.

Course Cancellations

Gallaudet reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment. Course cancellation decisions are made by the registration deadline. We must be able to contact you to provide information and alternative class options. It is critical that your application include your phone number and/or email address. Gallaudet will reimburse the student's tuition for that course or workshop, but will not be responsible or liable for any other expenses that the student may have incurred, including but not limited to transportation and housing costs and the purchase of materials and supplies.

Payment Procedures and Types

Full payment must accompany your application or it will not be processed. Payment may be made by check, credit card (MasterCard or VISA), or money order. We do not accept cash.

Financial Support Options

The Center for Continuing and Online Education does not provide internal financial aid. Students seeking financial support are urged to read Federal Financial Aid when exploring options.

Contact Information

Gallaudet University
Center for Continuing and Online Education
Kendall Hall  Room#104
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
202.250.2759 (vp)

Holidays (no classes)

Fall Break: November 19-23, 2018
Winter Break:  December 10-January 22, 2019

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