Classroom Discourse Observation (CDO)

If you are interested in being scheduled for a Classroom Discourse Observation (CDO), which includes receiving feedback and participating in the Mentoring Program to address areas needing improvement, please notify your Department Chair. Each semester, a prioritized list of faculty names is provided to ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) for CDO scheduling. The faculty is selected for a CDO by the Deans and Provost.

Please feel free to utilize the information and resources on the CDO website to benefit your teaching and classroom dynamics.

What is CDO?

Classroom Discourse Observation (CDO) is an assessment which captures not only aspects of ASL, but also discourse techniques/pragmatics, heuristic functions, and whether the environment is visually optimized. A classroom-based assessment also notes students' comprehension of the faculty and the faculty's comprehension of the students. ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) video records the faculty in the classroom and then analyzes the video recording to identify strengths and areas needing improvement in the areas of utilizing a visually optimized environment, discourse, and pragmatics. The faculty is then provided a personalized feedback session which includes the opportunity to review and discuss the video recording.

Following the feedback session, each faculty is encouraged to participate in the CDO Mentoring Program which is tailored support to improve the specific areas that were identified in the CDO and discussed in the feedback session. A CDO Action Plan is implemented addressing the areas needing improvement in an interactive portal which includes independent activities and those guided by a mentor. This is a great opportunity for new and seasoned faculty to better understand classroom discourse and to enhance teaching strategies.