Learning ASL Depiction through Immersion

February 22 - March 19, 2021

Deaf and hearing educators are also strongly encouraged to take this course.

Learning ASL Depiction through Immersion (2 credits): This online course is geared towards propelling deaf and hearing individuals of various background further on the path of their chosen field. Immersion in this course will magnify the student’s range of classifiers, and facial grammar, two of the most vital components of an effective ASL message being transitioned from Source Language to Target Language.
Participants, whether they are interpreters, teachers, educators, presenters, parents, or simply curious individuals will also learn what it means to “drop form”. The fine art of letting go of the English, lexical structure and turning it into Visual Art for the recipient of their message, whatever that message may be.
Oftentimes expression in advanced ASL discourse is required, especially for interpreters and teachers, or individuals working in medical, home and educational settings, although this remains true all across the board, in a variety of settings.
Students will receive virtual practice with medical texts and ASL Tales, and learn to create more effective and engaging translations.
Online Zoom Videoconferencing technology and GoReact are the visual platforms that will be utilized within this course.

Professional Studies: PST 354-OL1
Prerequisite: ASL proficiency. For permission of the instructor, send a 2 minute video of how you want to improve your ASL skills to alisha.bronk@gallaudet.edu
Tuition: PST: $592 plus $35 application fee (For PST courses, see Application Fee and Refund Policy) Enrollments are processed on a first paid, first serve basis.
RID CMP:  RID 3 CEUs. RID Academic Coursework Activity Report Form
Course Materials: To purchase textbook(s) at eCampus.
Instructor: Alisha Bronk
Registration deadline:
February 4, 2020

Alisha Bronk

Alisha Bronk, M.A., CDI is a certified freelance Deaf and International Interpreter. Currently, she is an instructor in the Department of ASL and Interpreting (ASLIE) at RIT/NTID. While getting her master's degree in TESOL: Applied Linguistics from Portland State University, she became involved in international education. Ms. Bronk has and continues to conduct workshops and training seminars around the world. She was one of the core creators of ASL Tales, a book/DVD series designed used in education for families and classrooms in all levels of ASL learning.