Online Learning at Gallaudet University!

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Gallaudet University offers a wide selection of online courses and programs for undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies credit. These “anytime, anywhere” learning opportunities allow students at a distance to engage in learning at the time and place of their choosing.

Good time management skills are essential to succeed in these highly interactive and learner-centered courses. Readings, assignments, and activities are posted online. Students are required to log in to submit assignments electronically and participate in course discussions. Students must have Internet access and are expected to have basic computer and Internet literacy.

At Gallaudet, we use an on-line course shell called Blackboard to support our online courses. To participate you should first make sure you have the right equipment. See the minimum computing guidelines to find out what you need to engage in our courses. Then to assess your online learning readiness, complete this brief Online Learning Readiness Inventory. Your responses will help identify strengths and weaknesses for success in the online learning environment.

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Find Your Fit

There are several avenues for experiencing online learning at Gallaudet University. Explore the options below to help you decide which one best meets your needs and interests

Professional Development

For non-degree/professional development students

The Center for Continuing and Online Education (CCOE) offers  a variety of PST courses (American sign Language (ASL), Deaf Studies, Linguistics, Interpreting, Deaf Education, and among others) for Professional Studies and Training (PST) credit for non-degree-seeking students. PST credits are not applicable towards a degree program at Gallaudet. PST credits may be accepted at another institution or state depending on their specific credit transfer policies.

Click a semester to see the course options that are open to non-degree-seeking students.

For non-degree certificate program students

Our online graduate and professional studies certificate programs are designed to meet the critical needs of professionals and practitioners. Prospective and current Gallaudet University students can apply for a certificate program for professional studies (PST) credit courses. The following certificate programs are being offered:

  • ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education (Online)
  • Educating Deaf Students with Disabilities (Online)
  • Infants, Toddlers, and Families: Collaboration and Leadership (Hybrid) 
  • Peer Mentor Training (Hybrid) Professional Development Courses

To apply for admission, go to a specific program at Certificate Programs.

Degree Programs

You have commitments-career, family, and community- but you can still fulfill your dream of getting a bachelor's or master's degree and do it around your busy lifestyle by taking online courses!

For degree seeking students from other universities/colleges

Students who are interested in taking just one or two online courses can apply as a special student at the GU undergraduate admission site or as a graduate special student at Graduate Admissions.

For Gallaudet students only

If the desired online courses are not available at Gallaudet University, then courses through the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities can be considered; however registration can only be done through a GU faculty adviser. For more information, go to GU-OCICU.

Important information: If you are in a regular degree program and receiving financial aid, be aware that your financial aid may be affected if you take more than two online courses (GU or OCICU) a semester. Check with your financial aid advisor first before you register. Current Gallaudet students may register for Gallaudet online courses that end with OL or HY at Bison.

Note: If you live on campus, a financial aid package may be affected if you take more than two online courses a semester. Check with a financial aid officer first before registering for online courses.