Instructions for CCOE students to earn RID CEUs or ACET credits.

RID maintains a list of 120 CMP/ACET sponsors nationwide. Some organizations offer free or reduced cost processing for their members. A list of approved sponsors can be found at RID Sponsors.

If you would like Gallaudet to process CEUs for your course, that is done through the GIS professional development committee using their Academic Coursework process. The fee is $35 and requires the following be done after the course is over. You will need to submit four items to GIS-PDC at as soon as possible after the end date of the class, but within the same CMP cycle:

  1. The Academic Coursework Activity Report. Please complete the top half of the form. The sponsor will complete the bottom half upon receipt.
  2. A complete course description or syllabus.
  3. Some form documentation of the grade report or online grade report/transcript. The interpreter must receive a passing grade of C (2.0 GPA) or higher to receive CEUs for the course.
  4. Proof of accreditation. (See statement of accreditation at Gallaudet Accreditation)
  5. Receipt from online payment of $35. To pay click here.

After all paperwork and payment have been received, GIS-PDC will submit your information to RID and the appropriate number of CEUs will be credited toward your transcript. Incomplete paperwork will be returned without processing.