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Connie: The Faculty-Student Affairs Committee (FSA) is thrilled to release this website celebrating the 2021 Gallaudet University Undergraduate Student Awards.

Martreece: Although we are disappointed that we’re again unable to meet together face-to-face this year, as with last year, the Bison Spirit still remains strong!

Lizzie: We heartily congratulate all of the award winners. We take this time to celebrate and recognize the hard work and support of students, teachers, and staff that have made these achievements possible.

Michael: Together we rise to meet challenges, boldly charging forward to improve the world. Together we connect, explore new horizons, and influence our communities and the world to make it healthier, more inclusive, and safer for all.

Cara: As you look through the awards, please enjoy them – don’t hesitate to contact the student winners and congratulate them directly! If you’d like to see descriptions of the awards themselves, click on the link below the award winner announcement.

Sanyu: Our special thanks to:

  • The Office of the Provost, with particular thanks to Tiffanee Barnes for her tremendous support.

Connie: We’re the members of the Faculty-Student Affairs Committee, including:

  • Myself, Connie Pucci
  • Michael Janger
  • Sanyukta Jaiswal
  • Elizabeth Martinez
  • Cara Miller
  • Martreece Watson
  • Ruthie Ferster, SBG Representative
  • Kailyn Aaron-Lozano, GSA Representative

Martreece: Our committee worked remotely but together this year to provide a celebration of the 2021 Undergraduate Awards. We’re ever more hopeful that we’ll be able to gather together in person next year in 2022! Thank you!

Alumni and Donor Scholarship Awards

School of Human Services and Sciences

School of Language, Education, and Culture

School of Arts and Humanities

School of Science, Technology, Mathematics,
Accessibility, and Public Health

School of Civic Leadership, Business,
and Social Change

Admissions Requirements

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