The Commuter Lounge

The Commuter Lounge, now located in the basement of Ely Center, was opened during the Fall of 1995. The Commuter Lounge is one of the favorite hangouts for commuter students on campus.

The Commuter lounge is a place where commuter students could have a place to stay between classes. The lounge offers variety of amenities such as a place to rest, watching a television, doing a project at the computer lab, access to videophones, a small kitchenette that includes a refrigerator and a microwave, storage for their items in the lockers, and most of all, a place to study. There is a playroom for children to play with toys while parents catch up with their school work.




Front Desk
The front desk in the Commuter Lounge is supervised by Commuter Lounge Assistants (CLAs). The CLAs are available to provide services and information to all commuter students.

Commuter students may reserve a locker in the Commuter Lounge at no cost. The Commuter Lounge will provide locks to the students to use on their lockers. Any commuter student wish to reserve a locker should come to the Commuter Lounge during the first week of school and fill out a reservation form to obtain a locker. Lockers are assigned on a first come, first served basis. 

Kitchenette with Refrigerator and Microwave
Commuter students may store their food in the refrigerator and use the microwave as well.

Study Area
The study area has individual desks for commuter students to study alone and a circular conference-style table for commuter students to study together or work on group projects.

Campus and Services Information
There is a wealth of information for on- and off-campus resources and activities for commuter students.

Videophones (VPs)
The Commuter Lounge has three Sorenson VP booths available for commuter students to make calls.

Computer Lab
The computer lab in the Commuter Lounge has several computers with internet access for commuter students to do homework or to read e-mails.

Living Room
The living room is a space for commuter students to rest, watch television, and interact with each other.

The playroom is an area where children can play while their parents do their homework or study. The playroom has toys for the children to play with.

Commuter Programs Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact or Mary Keane at

 Director, Campus Activities.