Instructional designers on the Instructional Designer Sevices (IDS) team provide the following course design services to the campus community:

Course Development for Blackboard

The instructional designers will work with faculty, staff, and subject matter experts from all over campus to develop and implement bilingual, visual-centric, and accessible online courses in Blackboard. Using evidence-based practices, the instructional design team will provide expertise, guidance, and assistance in the following areas of online course development:

  • Learner interaction and engagement
  • Educational technology integration
  • Alignment, activities, and assessment

A detailed explanation of the course design process appears below.

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What is instructional design?

Instructional design is the process of systematically and creatively planning and developing learning experiences. Grounded in research about how people learn, the instructional design process at Gallaudet applies to online educational environments. Frequently, though not necessarily, instructional design involves the use of technology to facilitate teaching and learning.

What does an Instructional Designer do?

Instructional designers (IDs) partner with faculty to design engaging and effective courses. While IDs provide ideas and feedback, faculty control all the decisions about how a course is structured, the content presented, and the activities, assessments, and discussion questions to be included.

How can Instructional Designers help faculty?

Instructional designers offer a core menu of instructional design services. The collective skill set of the instructional design team is broad, but the core services they offer faculty include:

  • Sharing templates supporting the course development process
  • Refining course and module learning goals
  • Brainstorming learning activities and assessment strategies
  • Advising how to design bilingual, visual-centric, and accessible online courses & multimedia
  • Ensuring ADA accessibility and copyright compliance
  • Building online courses in Blackboard
  • Providing online course facilitation training to instructors
  • Managing the course development project timeline

How do I inquire about instructional design support?

Currently, IDS works at the academic program level. If you would like your academic program to work with IDS, please contact your academic program coordinator, school leader, and CCOE.

The Course Design Process

For schools, departments, or programs seeking to transition courses online, revamp existing online courses, or create new online courses, the Center of Continuing and Online Education and Instructional Designer Services team (IDS) begins by establishing the specific course development services required. The IDS may create a memorandum of agreement on the scope of work and responsibilities for its completion.

Next, the Lead Instructional Designer from the IDS team meets with departmental faculty coordinating the academic program to describe what to expect in the development process. The outcome of this meeting results in a clear schedule of courses to be developed, assigned faculty (course developers), and assigned Instructional Designers.

Assigned Instructional designers (IDs) then schedule individual consultations with assigned course developers to begin the course planning process. Faculty new to online teaching might wonder about the dynamic of working with an instructional designer on their course. This collaborative meeting helps address their questions and concerns. Faculty and IDs work together to prepare a course map that helps organize learning outcomes, assessments, learning strategies, course materials, and other key instructional components.

Once this initial planning phase is complete, IDs begin building the course in Blackboard based on the course map, adding faculty-provided multimedia and interactive features where appropriate.

Prior to launch, the course is tested, and the instructors may receive course facilitation coaching. The IDs assist with copying the course content from the master course to the term course.

The instructors make available the term course with all course activities, multimedia, and interactive features for student viewing in Blackboard.

Finally, IDs provide ongoing course maintenance throughout the first course offering and, depending on the agreement, complete a quality review after the first offering concludes. Instructors and IDs work together to ensure any revisions, changes, and/or additions are updated in the master course.