The Contracts and Purchasing Department under the division of Administration and Finance is responsible for providing and directing University faculty and staff to sources capable of providing a continuous supply of goods and services necessary to fulfill their responsibilities in support of the mission of the University. Therefore, the Contracts and Purchasing Department works closely with our vendors to ensure that the quality of goods and service they provide are acceptable and at a fair price. Thus, Contracts and Purchasing aims for quality customer service, earning the maximum value of every dollar spent, facilitate healthy business relations and to ensure that Gallaudet University abides by all the policies, laws and regulations set forth by Gallaudet University, the District of Columbia and the United States.

For companies interested in being added to our vendor list, please complete this form and return it here.

Important Notice

Purchase Order Process

  • An order for goods will be processed within 5 business days of receipt of the requisition provided that all the necessary information is on the requisition. (There are times when the order volume is high and this cannot be met - ex. fiscal year-end)
  • All campus requisitions are processed in the order they were received.
  • If you provided a vendor email address on the requisition form you and the vendor will receive an email notification that the order/purchase order has been placed. If an order is placed via Fax or mail then you will receive your PO via campus mail.

TECHNOLOGY NOTE: All software and technology equipment must be reviewed and approved by GTS prior to submitting the requisition to the Contracts and Purchasing department.  Please review link:

FURNITURE NOTE:  All furniture orders must be reviewed and approved by Christopher Hoffmann, Manager, Design Services and Space prior to submitting a requisition to the Contracts and Purchasing Department.  Send all requests for furniture to Christopher Hoffmann at  Once reviewed and approved, include Christopher Hoffmann on the requisition signature process.

Contract Process

  • The Contracts and Purchasing department makes every attempt to send out all contracts within 5 business days, provided all necessary information is included on the requisition.
  • Current Gallaudet students and employees cannot be contracted and must go through HR.  A completed "Independent Contractor vs Employee Requirements" form must be completed and attached to the requisition form being submitted.
  • Contractor must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance and attach to the requisition form being submitted.
  • A Scope of Work must be attached to the requisition form being submitted.  Scope of Work should include: Name, address, email address, dates of service, duties and costs.
  • A contract is sent to the vendor via Adobe Sign or FedEx (unless the address is a PO box then it is mailed) for signature.
  • A PO is not obligated for a contract until the signed contract is returned to Contracts and Purchasing.
  • Once the contract is received the PO will be obligated and you will receive a PO and a copy of the contract via email.
NOTE: Process will be delayed if all information is not included.

To the Gallaudet Campus Community

In preparation for the fiscal year-end (FY2019), please be aware of the following dates in reference to purchase orders:

Furniture Items

ALL Purchase Requisitions for furniture items should be submitted to and received by the Contracts and Purchasing department no later than July 19, 2019. If the merchandise is out of stock or the vendor is unable to provide the goods by September 30, 2019  then the order will not be processed using Fiscal Year 2019 budget funds. Please contact as soon as possible to expedite the planning and requisition process.

Endowments and donations

Purchase Requisitions must be submitted by Friday, September 6, 2019. Invoices must be submitted to the Finance Office by September 20, 2019.

Operation Departments

Purchase Requisitions must be submitted by September 6, 2019. All invoices for goods and services delivered by September 30, 2019 must be approved and submitted to the Finance Office as soon as possible.

New IT Equipment and Software

Submit all orders and requests (with signed I.I.s) for software, equipment, computer/accessories to the Help Desk by TBD. These orders should be for planned activities (or emergency replacements).

Closing Purchasing Orders

Please review your department's purchase orders. If the final invoice has been paid and there are funds remaining, please notify Purchasing@Gallaudet.eduto de-obligate the funds to close the purchase order.

Purchase Orders will be closed on the following schedule:

  • Less than $50 remaining will be closed TBD
  • Less than $100 remaining will be closed TBD
  • Less than $500 remaining will be closed TBD
  • Less than $3,000 remaining will be closed on TBD

Fiscal Year 2019 purchase orders with a remaining balance as of TBD will be reviewed for closure and invoices may instead be charged to the department's Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

Staples Advantage Orders

The last day to order from Staples Advantage for purchases to be charged to Fiscal Year 2019 is September 23, 2019. All backorders, dropships and items place after this date will be processed and charged in the next fiscal year.

Contact our office should you have any additional questions.

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