Program Revisions

  • Replacing special topics ASL 795 with permanent course ASL 777
  • Changing DST 705 and 714 from required courses to required elective courses.
  • Adding two new courses, ASL 745 (History) and 760 (Research) as required elective courses.
  • Now students are required to take at least 2 courses (6 credits) from the list of 4 electives/12 credits - DST 705, 714, ASL 745 and 760.

This program change resolves several issues:

  1. Financial support often comes with stipulations of full-time status during the fall/springs semesters, and this flexibility allows students to register for full-time status.
  2. State licensing requires particular courses for teaching, and culture/history is often cited as missing from our program offerings.
  3. Our alumni often want to apply for PhD programs, and they mention that they have no research background/preparation.
  4. DST 705 and 714 are often full during the fall/spring semesters, and finding additional faculty qualified to teach those courses presents a hardship on the department; adding electives provides our students with alternative options that will allow them to graduate on time.

New Course Proposals

  • ASL 745: Sign Language Teaching, Culture and History
  • ASL 760: Connecting Sign Language Research to Practice
  • ASL 777: Digital Pedagogy for the Sign Language Field

Course Revisions

  • ASL 709 - program SLOs
  • ASL 743 - course description/program SLOs
  • ASL 750 - program SLOs