According to the faculty bylaws at Gallaudet (revised and approved Spring 2014), the Council on Graduate Education has the following responsibilities:

  1. Establish, approve, and report to the University Faculty Senate:
    • Minor changes to the graduate degree and certificate programs, and the courses of study offered by the academic departments and programs as described in the Council's Table of Authorities;
    • Criteria for admission to graduate degree and certificate programs;
    • Requirements for completing graduate degree and certificate programs;
    • Petitions to march; and
    • Credited courses that are not part of a graduate degree of certificate program.
  2. Receive, review, approve, and propose curriculum matters to the UF Senate:
    • General policies and procedures concerning the nature and scope of graduate degree and certificate programs;
    • New graduate degrees and certificate programs; and
    • Significant changes, including closures, to existing graduate degree and certificate programs.
  3. Establish and propose policies and procedures to the UF Senate:
    • Criteria determining the constituency of graduate faculty;
    • Policies, procedures and criteria regarding the granting of non-degree credit for graduate courses;
    • Policies and procedures necessary to monitor the quality of education within graduate degree and certificate programs; and
    • Policies, procedures, and criteria necessary to support ongoing graduate academic program review.
  4. Make a report on non-degree credit graduate courses to the University Faculty annually. The report shall include a list of courses offered during the preceding year and the criteria used for the selection for such courses;
  5. Establish general criteria for Graduate School admissions;
  6. Ensure the policies, procedures and criteria established by the graduate council and standing committees of the UF concerning academic standards are adhered to by the administration;
  7. Ensure that the similarly established policies on grading procedures, grade point average formulae, academic standing indices and examination protocols are adhered to by the faculty and the administration; and
  8. Submit to the University Faculty Senate a roster of University Faculty members who have primary responsibility at the graduate level.