CUE Curriculum Proposal Forms, Guides, and Samples

The CUE curriculum approval process consists of three stages-- Catalog Language Preview, Deans' Action, and CUE Action.

All curriculum proposals must be submitted via Blackboard-based CUE Curriculum Proposal Portal. Only department chairs or program directors can submit curriculum proposals and therefore have access to the portal. Designed to track document flow, streamline operation, reduce errors, simplify preparation work, and formalize the submission-feedback-approval process, the portal provides proposal preparation materials (forms, guides, and samples) and submission-feedback-approval interfaces.

The same preparation materials are available for the general public as well and they can be download from this page (refer to the chart below). To familiarize yourself with the portal structure, please first start with the CUE Curriculum Proposal Portal Overview Visual Guide file.

Proposal Preparation:

Portal Interface

Files Available for Download

Button icon for Guides and Samples
  1. Curriculum Proposal Portal Overview Guide
  2. Curriculum Proposal Preparation Guide
  3. Curriculum Proposal Submission and Feedback Visual Guide
  4. An Approved Curriculum Proposal Sample
Button icon for Forms
  1. Curriculum Action Form (Regular with MS Word for PC and MAC)
  2. Gallaudet University Syllabus Template (adopted by the Senate on 02-2015 and required for all course actions, new or revision)

Please contact Adebowale Ogunjirin or Michael Janger if you have questions or concerns.

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.