The Demographics Research Center (DRC) aims to better understand the size, diversity, and dynamics of deaf and hard of hearing populations. The DRC seeks to advance demographic knowledge through:

  • analyses of existing data,
  • independent survey projects,
  • development of original and adapted survey instruments and approaches,
  • field observations and interviews.

We equip a broad range of stakeholders including schools, government agencies, policymakers, service providers, businesses, advocacy organizations, and communities, with insights gained from our demographic studies. The DRC’s goal is to inform and encourage better opportunities, programs, policies, and practices for and by deaf communities, professionals, enterprises, individuals, and their allied interests.

The DRC encourages undergraduate and graduate students interested in understanding the wide range of communities and individuals who comprise deaf and hard of hearing populations to join one of our project teams. The Demographics Research Center provides students with opportunities to learn more about:

  • survey research,
  • data science and analytics,
  • social statistics,
  • community relations,

  • and to
  • apply what they have learned to answering research questions.

To learn about the research activities of the DRC, visit our Projects, Reports, and Publications page.