Art History Minor

Complement your studies with a wide variety of art history topics. Washington, D.C., is an exceptional place to begin a career in the art or museum world. You will have easy access to visit and intern with some of the best museums and galleries anywhere.

Courses and Requirements

Digital Media Minor

Put your artistic abilities and technological aptitude to work to create websites, films and videos, animation and interactive software. To prepare for a career in the growing digital marketplace, you will acquire a broad understanding of computer technologies, a solid foundation in software applications and highly developed problem-solving skills.

Courses and Requirements

Graphic Design Minor

Everyone wants to get their message out. Gain skills and knowledge in design, typography, illustration, software applications and problem solving to prepare for a graphic design career in print and electronic media. Graphic designers translate communication goals through logos, newsletters, packaging, websites, interactive multimedia, motion graphics and more.

Courses and Requirements

Photography Minor

Gain the problem-solving, technical, artistic, design, electronic imaging and video skills you need to pursue a career in professional photography. In our program, you will explore the latest advances in photographic art, technology and industry standards.

Courses and Requirements

Studio Art Minor

Here you will build a foundation in studio techniques for drawing, painting, sculpting or ceramics and then master the art of expression through that medium. Many studio art minors add a major in education or business to enhance their employment options as they pursue their artistic career.