The Gallaudet Dance Company repertoire encompasses a range of dance forms, including jazz, tap, modern dance, and dance incorporating American Sign Language.

Performances can vary in length from 15 minutes to two hours; a two hour performance must contain an intermission.

Charges-Fees for performances of the Gallaudet Dance Company are used to cover costs of costumes, equipment, and arrangements. To give the best performance possible, we can not do a performance with less than 12 dancers and two directors. (14 people)  Funding requirements necessary are as follows:  

Performances on the Gallaudet University campus

  • Fee=$300 to $500 depending on whether a meal is provided and on whether sound equipment and a sound technician are provided

Performances within a 3-hour travel time from Gallaudet University

  • Fee=$1,000
  • The performance fee can be reduced by $100 if either transportation to the site location or a meal for the dancers and directors (14 people) is provided by the organization requesting the performance. If both transportation and a meal are provided, reduce the fee by $200 to $800.

Performances beyond a 3-hour driving distance up to 5 ½ hour driving distance from Gallaudet University

  • Fee=$1,000
  • Hotel or lodging for 12-14 dancers and two directors (double occupancy=7 to 9 rooms).
  • Two additional meals (or $100 to cover those meals).

Performances over 5 hours driving distance from Gallaudet:

  • Fee=$1,000
  • Airfare from National Airport (Washington, D.C.) to city of performance. (Coach fare for 12-14 dancers and two directors.)
  • Hotel or lodging for 12-14 dancers and two directors which means seven or eight hotel rooms.
  • All ground transportation.
  • All meals.

Specific details are negotiable. In the past, organizations sponsoring a performance of the dancers have been able to arrange discounted fares for travel and/or board and lodging. The company would be willing to work out exact prices with a travel agent. Our goal is simply to cover expenses. Please before requesting a performance, check and determine if you have the funding requirement for a performance. Thank you.

Facility and Equipment Requirements
  • Minimum performance area of 30' x 20'; wood floor, clean surface.
  • Electrical outlets.
  • Microphone and stand or battery (lavalier) microphone.
  • CD player/stereo speakers.
  • Lighting: Stage lights on; house lights off.
  • Stage monitors; two speakers.
  • Dressing area for dancers, close to the performing area.
  • Water and cups for the performers.
  • Warm-up time in the performing area or in a practice area (green room) for one to three hours prior to show time.

To book the Gallaudet Dance Company, call 202.651-5591 V/TDD or e-mail