The dictionary that forever changed our Deaf communities, bringing true recognition for American Sign Language and other signed languages as bona fide languages, by William C. Stokoe, Dorothy Sueoka Casterline and Carl Croneberg. The event takes a further look into the underappreciated contributions of  the Deaf people and hearing allies during this period of discovery. The impact of the book is clearly felt throughout the world and the field of linguistics. Guest presenters and interviewees include Dr. Carol Padden, Charlotte Baker-Shenk, the late Dennis Cokely, Dr. Barbara LeMasters, Tiffany Williams, Dr. Barbara Kannapell, and many Gallaudet faculty and administrators. The video presentation was edited and put together by Gallaudet students during the December 3, 2015 celebration at Gallaudet. Transcription was conducted in collaboration with Ms. Brenda Schertz's & Ms. Margaret Chastel's interpreting students at the University of Rochester.