This bibliography is an attempt to respond to the national need for up to date information that reflects the cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity evident within the American Deaf community. We hope it will be useful to students, deaf and hearing, at all levels of the educational system from K-12 and undergraduate and graduate programs as well as to professionals involved in diverse professional disciplines such as education, counseling, mental health, rehabilitation, Deaf studies, and multicultural or ethnic studies. We also hope that it will be useful and valuable to administrators and public policy makers seeking information to help improve policies and services.

We invite you to access and review the material we have compiled. We acknowledge that this project is a "work in progress" and does not by any means represent a complete listing of all available materials. Because this is a new endeavor, we also invite you to submit additional materials or resources, feedback, or comments about this bibliography to Dr. Glenn Anderson at Our goal is to maintain as comprehensive a listing as possible. We will periodically update the annotated bibliography so be sure to check back!