Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will prepare, interpret and communicate accounting reports and other information intended for business decision-making.
  2. Students will collect, analyze and apply accounting information in accordance with financial regulations and the standards established for business decision makers.
  3. Students shall identify issues associated with the organization of international business and accounting systems, and the implications of this for the global conduct of accounting.
  4. Students shall use Information Technology tools to expedite and enhance the analysis and communication of accounting issues, identify alternative solutions to accounting problems, and implement these solutions expeditiously.
  5. Students will be expected to perform both leadership and support roles in various teams in order to learn effective work techniques applicable to achieving a variety of accounting and business related tasks.
  6. Students shall identify, evaluate and interpret ethical issues related to the accounting profession and to adopt scrupulous ethical practices. They shall be expected to act in a professional, respectful, honest, fair and reasonable manner and to apply ethical principles and reasoning to make and justify business decisions.