Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically examine, analyze, apply, integrate and recommend logical actions based on a variety of business concepts, models and principles in order to address hypothetical or real-world business issues.
  2. Communicate effectively in both American Sign Language and written English, using generally-accepted and/or innovative business formats to present factual data and analyses, propose strategies, advocate policies, promote products and services, and instruct and evaluate personnel.
  3. Apply basic computational, statistical and quantitative reasoning skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting numerical information to make and justify evidence-based business decisions.
  4. Use computer hardware, software, the internet, cloud computing and other technological tools to expedite and enhance communication and quantitative reasoning skills in making business decisions.
  5. Be able to work effectively in both leadership and support roles as part of diverse teams to achieve a variety of business-related tasks, recognizing and maximizing the advantages of different skills, competencies, professional training, experience, and temperament of all team members.
  6. Consistently act in a professional, respectful, honest, fair and reasonable manner and to apply ethical principles and logical reasoning to make and justify business decisions.