Business Administration Program
Student Learning Outcomes AY 2018-2019

Graduates of BS in Business Administration Program will demonstrate competence and learning outcomes in the following six domains:

  1. Accurately apply fundamental business concepts, models and principles to address hypothetical or real-world business issues. (Common Business Knowledge & Inquiry)
  2. Communicate effectively in both American Sign Language and written English in various formats and styles to a variety of audiences in multiple business contexts. (Communication)
  3. Apply technological tools, and statistical and quantitative reasoning skills in analyzing and evaluating numerical information to support evidence-based business decisions. (Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Skills)
  4. Critically assess business problems and develop well-supported solutions. (Critical Thinking & Problem Solving)
  5. Critically evaluate all business opportunities and challenges using a global business perspective. (Global Dimension)
  6. Consistently act in a professional, ethical, and socially responsible manner, and collaborate effectively in teamwork when required. (Ethics & Social Responsibility)