Internships are a requirement for graduating with a degree in business. They provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in real business environment. Business faculty advisors and the Department of Business Internship Coordinator, Co-Internship Coordinators, Mary Dakim and Hollie Fallstone, will assist business majors to find, attain, and complete a meaningful work assignment in the outside business world. Depending upon the rigor and focus of the internship, students can even earn up to 12 credit hours from their work experience.

Business Student Council (BSC)

The Business Student Council (BSC) is committed to supporting the mission of the Department of Business by serving as a liaison between the students and faculty/staff. Our primary focus is to foster a community by gathering students' feedback and concerns to give them a voice, planning extracurricular activities to promote unity, and recommending courses of action to improve the Department of Business.

Guest Lectures/Presentations

The department is also taking a leadership role in providing professional development opportunities to deaf and hard of hearing executives and professionals in business and government. We keep in touch with our alumni to help them upgrade their professional skills.

Student Managed Stock Fund

Get real, hands-on investment experience through the University's Student Managed Stock Fund. Starting with $50,000 from the University's endowment, you can select your own stocks based on sound financial principles and then manage this investment portfolio for the University. Gallaudet is one of very few universities in the nation that gives you this kind of real-life investing.

H Street Research Project

Gallaudet is a partner with the surrounding D.C. community and the D.C. Office of Planning to help the city revitalize the nearby H Street commercial corridor. In this project, as a marketing student, you'll provide city officials with information on consumer preferences within the deaf community and will develop plans that will expand business opportunities for current students, graduates, and other members of the community.