The mission of the Internship Program within the Department of Business at Gallaudet University is to provide students with a rigorous, high quality educational and supervised internship experience, which will prepare them as competent and effective business professionals. This program provides our students with a means to integrate academic theories and principles with practical job experience through internships, thereby reinforcing and expanding classroom learning while preparing them for postgraduate employment.

Internship Guidelines

All business majors are required to complete at least one internship in their field prior to graduation. These guidelines cover supervision of internships, length of internship, relevant of internship to the major, internship evaluation, and responsibilities for internship related activities.

  1. Supervision: The student's faculty advisor and the department internship coordinator are advisors for an internship. Students should consult with the internship coordinator at every stage of the internship including the selection of internship site.
  2. Eligibility for Internship: To be eligible for an approved internship, a student must be an accepted business major and must have completed at least three courses in the major area.
  3. Length of Internship: The minimum length of an internship is 100 hours of actual time on the job and not including transportation time.
  4. Relevance to the Major: There must be a written job description. The job description will be the basis for determining the relevance of the internship to the student's major. The internship experience must provide substantial opportunities to accomplish the following general internship objectives:
    • Acquire new knowledge and skills in the field
    • Apply knowledge and skills acquired through course work
    • A mix of new knowledge acquisition and applied knowledge and skills
  5. Reports: Weekly internship reports and a final report are required.
  6. Internship Credit: Students are not required to earn University credits for their internship.
  7. Site Visits: The Internship Coordinator will visit the student's internship site at least once during the internship to observe the working environment and to meet the student's supervisor(s).
  8. Evaluation: Both the student and internship site supervisor complete an internship evaluation.