Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Program
Student Learning Outcomes AY 2018-2019

Graduates of BS in RMI Program will demonstrate competence and learning outcomes in the following seven domains:

  1. Accurately apply fundamental business concepts, models and principles to address hypothetical or real-world business issues. (Common Business Knowledge & Inquiry)
  2. Communicate effectively in both American Sign Language and written English in various formats and styles to a variety of audiences in multiple business contexts. (Communication)
  3. Apply technological tools, and statistical and quantitative reasoning skills in analyzing and evaluating numerical information to support evidence-based business decisions. (Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Skills)
  4. Critically assess business problems and develop well-supported solutions. (Critical Thinking & Problem Solving)
  5. Critically evaluate all business opportunities and challenges using a global business perspective. (Global Dimension)
  6. Consistently act in a professional, ethical, and socially responsible manner, and collaborate effectively in teamwork when required. (Ethics & Social Responsibility)
  7. RMI Discipline Specialty Knowledge and Inquiry

7a. Analyze and assess coverage adequacy in common insurance policies.
7b. Apply RMI knowledge and technical tools in evaluating, treating, and monitoring risk factors facing various business entities.
7c. Articulate effective insurance policy recommendations based on critical analysis in written reports and presentations.