American Sign Language & English Bilingual Early Childhood Deaf Education: Birth to 5 Certificate Program

This Graduate certificate program is designed to offer a program of study for in-service and pre-service professionals who work with or are seeking careers working with deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to 5 years old and their families in educational settings.

The 21-credit certificate program is designed to make it possible for full-time professionals to take courses.  The program will emphasize advocacy, language planning, pedagogy, assessment, program planning, and theory and practices in ASL/English bilingual early education. In alignment with the Department of Education's mission, the program will emphasize culturally relevant critical pedagogy as a goal for the candidates to become change agents and leaders in advocating for and educating deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

For the program of study and requirements for the Certificate in ASL & English Bilingual Early Childhood Education: Birth to 5, click the link "Program of Study" in the right-side menu.