The on-line deaf students with disabilities graduate certificate program prepares current educators, other educational professionals, and second-year graduate students seeking certification and/or state licensure in the area of special education to work with deaf and hard of hearing students who have disabilities. The certificate program emphasizes culturally relevant critical pedagogy as a foundation for preparing highly qualified special education teachers. The program focuses on working with the whole child, the family, and other professionals while merging content standards and CEC standards, in addition to general, bilingual, special, and deaf education pedagogy through coursework to prepare teacher candidates to work with a diverse group of children within a range of educational settings. Although completing the on-line educating deaf students with disabilities certificate program will not result in a license, the program is designed to meet the requirements for a non-categorical special education license in DC.

For the program of study and requirements for the Certificate in Educating Deaf Students with Disabilities, click the link "Program of Study" in the right-side menu.

Disclosure: The certificate in education deaf students with disabilities program is not intended to lead to licensure and does not lead to licensure in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet University has also determined that the program also does not meet professional licensure requirements in all 50 states and U.S. territories.