Candidates in the Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Deaf Education program can complete courses in transformational leadership and administration (TLADE), which are designed for teachers and school personnel who have a master’s degree and seek to become transformational leaders and/or administrators in schools and programs that serve deaf and hard of hearing children. The crisis of leadership in deaf schools and programs is examined and candidates are taken through the educational, bilingual, political, ethical, financial, and social principles needed to be agents of change in their schools or programs.

While these courses are designed to prepare qualified candidates for leadership positions within their schools and programs and meet the requirements for a principal-level license in DC, completing this Ed.S. will not result in a license. It is the responsibility of the candidate to contact their state’s certification agency to verify the steps needed to obtain licensure.

New for the 2022-2023 cohort! All admitted candidates studying Transformational Leadership and Administration in Deaf Education will be eligible to receive an educational leadership grant that will allow tuition to be reduced to $700 per credit for the duration of the Ed.S. program.

Some courses* on transformational leadership and administration in deaf education are:

  • EDU 795.01-ST Seminar I: Critical Issues in Deaf Education – Perspectives of Teachers, School Personnel and Administrators (on campus, 1 week, 1 credit)
  • EDU 880 Curriculum and Instructional Leadership in Deaf Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 881 Studies in General and Special Education Curriculum & Leadership (3 credits)
  • EDU 831 Practicum and Seminar in Teacher Supervision (field experience, 3 credits)
  • EDU 860 Education Policy and Politics (3 credits)
  • EDU 890 Internship for School Leaders (on-site, full semester, 3 credits)

*courses are online and asynchronous unless otherwise noted