Success Stories

One hundred percent of recent department alumni are employed or pursuing advanced studies within one year of graduation. 

The pass rate for Gallaudet education program completers on state licensure tests for initial teacher certification is better than 90 percent.

Teacher Preparation Program Outcomes

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Impact on P - 12 Learning and Development Case Study data

In-Service Teacher Effectiveness Observation Data Case Study

Pre-Service Teacher Effectiveness Observation Data (2014-2017)

Employer Survey Results (2014-2017)

General Education Exit Survey (2017-2018)

General Education Exit Surveys (2014-2017)

Deaf Education Exit Survey (2017-2018)

Deaf Education Exit Surveys (2014-2017)

Graduation Rate (2012-2019)

State Licensure Exam Results Program Completers (2017-2018)

Employment Status Program Completers (2017-2018)

Cohort Loan Default Rates (2013-2015)


Completer Impact on P - 12 Learners (2014-2017)

Completer Teacher Effectiveness Observation Data (2014-2017)

Survey of employers survey (Deaf Education)

Survey of employers (General Education)

Exit Survey Deaf Education 2016-2017

Exit Survey General Education 2016-2017

GU Alumni Survey MA Teacher Preparation Program 2013-2015

GU Alumni Survey BA Education Programs 2013-2015

Teacher Preparation Program Completer Graduation Rates 2016-2017

State Licensure Exam Results Program Completers 2016-2017

Employment Status Program Completers 2016-2017

Gallaudet University Student Loan Default rates


General Education Exit Survey
Teacher's Work Sample Program Scores 2013-2016


Graduation Rates
Results of State Licensure Exams
General Education Exit Survey
Deaf Education Exit Survey
Awards Conferred
Cohort Default Rates
Impact on P-12 Learners


Graduation Rates
Results of State Licensure Exams
General Education Exit Survey
Deaf Education Exit Survey

Impact on P-12 Learners

Licensure Completion

Internships in Education and Community Services

Education and community services are projected to be among the top five job categories requiring postsecondary education, according to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Programs in the Department of Education position students for career success through a strong network of internship sites.

Recent internship sites include:

  • California School for the Deaf - Fremont
  • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
  • Delaware School for the Deaf
  • Green Acres School
  • Louisiana School for the Deaf
  • Marie Philip School at The Learning Center for the Deaf, Massachusetts
  • Maryland School for the Deaf - Columbia
  • Maryland School for the Deaf - Frederick
  • Maury Elementary School
  • Peabody Primary School
  • Sandy Spring Friends School
  • School Within a School at Goding
  • Texas School for the Deaf
  • West Virginia School for the Deaf

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