Program Overview

Starting in 1980, the graduates of our program could qualify for licensure in the District of Columbia Public Schools and in the other states with whom the District has an inter-state reciprocity agreement for teacher certification. This gives our graduates the advantage of being qualified to teach in other states upon receiving a teaching licensure. Our program also has been accredited and re-accredited constantly since 1984 ensuring our program is highly commendable.

Our undergraduate education program is always growing and evolving to meet the needs of children and requirements of our nation. The program has several attributes that make it stand out compared to other programs offered in our country and even worldwide. A goal of this university and program is to improve Deaf education so due to the increased demand for content knowledge and specializations, we offer various degree and certification programs. An important component of any teacher preparation program is hands-on experiences, and we offer practicums where our students work in various settings with students and apply what they have learned as their capstone project.

In addition to a five-year bachelor + master degree program, our undergraduate education also offers various degrees including Early Childhood and Elementary Education along with a certification program in four secondary content areas: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

We continuously strive for excellence in our programs. Our graduates receive a firm foundation in teacher education on which to base further studies in Deaf Education. Gallaudet University and the Undergraduate Teacher Education program are committed to innovation and excellence so that we can provide future deaf and hard of hearing children with the very best prepared teachers in the nation.