All recent Department of English alumni are employed (75 percent) or in graduate school (25 percent) within one year of graduation.

Alumni Positions

Gallaudet English majors go on to work in education, freelance writing, publishing, media and more. Several have started businesses such as American Sign Language travel agencies.

Here are just a few examples:

- Brian Cheslik, '14, Faculty Member, Louisiana School for the Deaf
- Katherine DeLorenzo, '97, Faculty Member, Hunter College, New York City
- Raymond Luczak, '88, Poet
- August Shitama, '15, Intern, Peace Corps
- Clara Baldwin, '12, Faculty Member, Alaska School for the Deaf
- Alyssa Romano, '13, Long-Term Substitute Teacher, San Diego Unified District School DHH Program; Master's Student, University of California, San Diego
- Shoshannah Stern, 'XX, Hollywood Actress
- Jacquelyn (Girard) Lally, '00 & G-'14, School Counselor, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
- Amelia Mowl, '05, Grant Writer, Maryland School for the Deaf

Recent Internship Sites

All English majors must complete at least one internship. Recent placements have included the film industry in California, the Peace Corps, local schools and Gallaudet University's Development Office.