New Curriculum

(To take effect June 2018)

In October 2016, the AuD Program at Gallaudet began work to revamp the curriculum sequence, to:

  1. Add coursework that is needed to address emerging topics in the field.
  2. Reduce the credit hours of courses with overlapping contents.
  3. Revise the sequence of coursework and clinical practica in order to reduce the total number of semesters needed to obtain the degree, from the current, 12-semester Program.

As a result, the Program developed a 10-semester curriculum, which begins in June of the first year, ending in Summer of the final year. The new curriculum can be viewed here. (The current curriculum can be accessed in the catalog.)

In shortening the program by 2 semesters, it is expected that:

  • The Program will begin in June, instead of August.
  • The summer semesters will be busier and completely full.
  • Greater demand will be placed on students each semester, to handle both academic and clinical responsibilities.
  • The total cost of tuition to complete the Program will not change significantly; i.e., the tuition owed each year will likely be slightly higher (because of the full summer semester).

The proposal was submitted for review in September 2017, and approved on October 16, 2017. It underwent a rigorous review process of:

  • The Dean of School of Education, Business, and Human Services
  • The Dean of Graduate School
  • The Council on Graduate Education (CGE)
  • The University Faculty Senate

The AuD Program has begun preparation for the transition. 

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