The Ph.D. program in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences prepares students with a masters or clinical doctorate in a related field (e.g., Au.D., M.S. in SLP) for faculty and research positions in universities and other research facilities. The Ph.D. program consists of coursework in research methods and statistics, professional issues (teaching, grant-writing), and advanced topics in hearing, speech, and language sciences. Students are also expected to be continuously enrolled in ASL classes until they have successfully completed (or tested out of) PST 303.

Additional requirements include a qualifying examination, a supervised practicum in higher education teaching, a research internship leading to a pre-dissertation project, a comprehensive examination, and a dissertation that addresses a critical question in hearing, speech, and language sciences. Students in the HSLS Ph.D. program have research opportunities within the department, as well as with other Gallaudet departments and affiliated programs in other universities and research sites.

We have recently changed our curriculum, and these changes are not yet reflected in the Gallaudet course catalog. Up-to-date information can be found here.

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Admissions Procedures and Eligibility

Applicants for the Ph.D. in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences must meet the requirements for graduate study at Gallaudet University and have a masters or clinical doctorate in a related field. Individuals from traditionally under-represented groups (deaf or hard of hearing and individuals from underrepresented racial-ethnic groups) are especially encouraged to apply.

Prospective students are encouraged to explore the research interests of faculty in our department. Visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information and to apply.

Preferred deadline for international applicants.  January 15
Preferred deadline for domestic applicants February 15

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed application form. See Application Instructions to learn how. The HSLS PhD program deadline for domestic applicants is February 15. The deadline for International applicants is January 15.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $75.
  • A minimum 3.2 grade point average (on a four-point scale) in all previous undergraduate and graduate study.
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate study, including evidence of having received a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. (Those applying during their final undergraduate year will be required to submit a final transcript after completion of their bachelor's degree and before enrolling in their first semester of graduate study.) See Application Guidelines and FAQ for more information.
  • Official transcripts of all graduate study. See Application Guidelines and FAQ for more information.
  • Goals statement. See Application Guidelines for more information.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • TOEFL is required from all international applicants from non-English speaking countries. (Use 5240 for the ETS institutional code)

Additional Program Requirements

  • Au.D. degree or master's degree in Audiology or Speech-language Pathology
  • ASHA CCC-A or CCC-SLP Certification preferred
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • On-site personal Interview and writing sample. A group of finalists is selected and invited to be interviewed by HSLS program faculty. Students for the program are selected from among these finalists, based on the totality of their credentials and their interview performance.