Overview. The goal of the Developmental Neurolinguistic and Cognition Lab is to understand the relationship of language and cognition with brain development. The secondary goal is to understand brain organization and literacy development. We are currently examining the neurophysiology of speech, language and cognition in deaf infants, children and young adults and how reading development is affected. Research projects use electrophysiological and behavioral methods to examine brain processes.

Facilities. The lab is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and software for creation of stimulus, experimental control and delivery and electrophysiological data acquisition and processing. This includes Geodesic amplifier and experimental control software and Eprime. The systems are housed in a 9' by 9' sound-shielded booth.

People. The laboratory is directed by Dr. Karen Garrido-Nag. Collaborators include Dr. James McCann, Caryn Heskey (Ph.D. student), Veronica Cristiano (M.S. student), and Zoe Aquilino (M.S. Student).

Lab website: www.dnclab.wix.com/dnclab