Overview: The Human Neurophysiology Lab seeks to investigate speech (verbal and manual) and non-speech processing across the brain in order to understand underlying patterns of activity that may be linked to hearing, speech, and language disorders. This focus is further centered on the influence of sex and sexuality on cortical activity, as many speech, language, and hearing disorders are more often diagnosed in males. Primarily, electrophysiological and behavioral measures are employed to investigate the nature of these sex and sexuality related differences. The long-term goal of this lab is to extend the electrophysiological techniques to investigate other conditions such as tinnitus and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Facilities: The Human Neurophysiology Lab is equipped multichannel systems for recording electrophysiological events across the cortex. All testing occurs in a sound shielded booth equipped with monitors for visual stimuli, and earphone system for presentation of auditory stimuli.

People: David Thornton is the laboratory director.

Selected Publications:

Thornton D, Harkrider AW, Jenson D, Saltuklaroglu T. Sex differences in early sensorimotor speech processing for speech discrimination. Scientific Reports. In Review.

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