Every student is encouraged to take an internship during their college career. Since Gallaudet University is located in the nation's capital, internship opportunities can be an invaluable personal and career experience for you.  History majors have interned at Ford's Theater, the Smithsonian Museum of American History, and the Library of Congress.

Out of the Classroom Experience

The Program strongly feels the educational experience is bolstered by a strong sense of community among students and between students and faculty.  You can get involved in may informal and formal events that include movie nights with classic selections from the American Film Institute, formal debates, and trips to local historical sites, including Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, as well as study trips to Europe.

The dynamics of the modern workplace is changing and today's competitive workforce must be knowledgeable in the use of technology.  The faculty in the History Program are skilled in online and IT technology, and use it to enhance the classroom learning experience.  The Program also maintains a fully-equipped computer lab for all its majors to complete assignments, study, and discuss issues with fellow majors.

Below are examples of and more information about some exciting experiences that majors participate in "beyond the classroom."


  • Students are encouraged to participate in one of the many internships available in the Washington area.
  • Arrange the internship in consultation with the Career Center and your Academic Advisor.

Travel/Study Courses

    • The Program offers Travel/Study courses where students can travel to important historical sites and learn about different cultures and ideas.  These courses combine classroom time with group and individual experiences that enhance the opportunity to learn.

  • Past courses have gone to Eastern Europe, Williamsburg, VA, Philadelphia and to South Carolina.

Other Program Activities

The Program  sponsors other activities for students including:

  • Speakers
  • Movies
  • Sponsorship of Deaf History International Conferences and other conferences at Gallaudet that bring together activists, scholars and community members


Sociology majors are required to complete an internship as part of the major. This provides real-world experience in a wide range of settings including: state-level offices of child and family services, educational program evaluation projects, prison case worker offices, police departments, and law firms.