The Symposium is approaching fast! 

We are looking forward to hosting you soon. We have gathered information about deadlines here for your convenience. Please refer to your emails from Dr. Brenda Nicodemus for the relevant forms. 

1)  CEU Form - Deadline February 15th
Please fill in the yellow highlighted areas on the Blank CEU Form and submit it on or before February 15th to (Note: If you are giving more than one talk, you need to submit a CEU form for each talk.) Questions about the form can go CEU Committee Chair, Hilary Mayhew, at

2)  Presentation Language-- Deadline Feb 15th
On your original acceptance form, you indicated your preferred presentation language. Please review the schedule emailed to you. If the language for your presentation is correct as stated, no further action is needed. However, if there is a change in your language preference or if you have not yet declared a language preference, please email with this information no later than February 15th.

3)  Format and Deadline for PowerPoint-- Deadline March 15th
Your presentations will be video streamed, thus you must create your PowerPoint following the attached Television Ready PPT Guidelines. Presenters must submit their final PowerPoint by March 15th so the Television Department can upload them for distance participants and for interpreter preparation. We will send you a reminder about this deadline.

4)  Length of Presentations
Each presentation will be 20 minutes long, with 5 minutes for questions. If the full 25 minutes is used for the presentation, no questions will be possible. A moderator will be in each room to assist you with timing. To ensure that the distance participants have sufficient time to read your slides, you will be receiving "stage directions" during your talk from a member of the Gallaudet Television Department. They will coordinate your pause length after each slide. Please be aware of this as you design your PowerPoint as the pauses will add time to your talk. We advise you to minimize the text on your slides and build in extra time when practicing your talk.

5)  Media and Materials 
Standard presentation technology (Mac computer, LCD projector) will be provided at the Symposium. You should bring a Mac-compatible PowerPoint file on an external device for downloading. You are advised to bring a second version on a separate device as a back up. If you are using video files, bring the files on an external device for downloading prior to the presentation. You will not be permitted to use your own laptop for your presentation. If you wish to provide handouts, you must provide your own copies.    

6)  Registration and Hotel
Don't forget that you and your co-presenters must register for the Symposium at:

If you wish to reserve a room at the Kellogg Conference Center Hotel, information may be found at:

If you have any problems making a hotel reservation, contact our hotel liaison, Lauren.Forbes, at