Guidelines for presentations at the International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research are as follows:

Sessions: Each presentation session will consist of three presentations. We ask that you arrive early to your session to download and check your PowerPoint. The Tech Support Committee members or session moderators will be available to assist you.

Time: Each presentation will be a total of 25 minutes in length. We recommend that the presentations be 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. The Symposium support staff will assist you by giving time cues.

Introductions: Each presentation will be introduced by a designated Symposium moderator.

Preparing with Interpreters: A version of your presentation PowerPoint must be submitted by March 15th to for review by the interpreters. We understand that large video files may not be transmitted via email. The Symposium Interpreter Coordinator will be in contact about times to prepare with your interpreters.

PowerPoint and Technology: We will be using Macs for running the PowerPoint presentations for each session. Please bring your final PowerPoint presentation on an external device for downloading onto the Macs. You will be unable to use your own laptop.

Assistance: The Symposium support staff will provide onsite support for any questions or issues that arise.

Poster presentations
will take place in the Kellogg Hotel Atrium on Saturday, March 29th from 3:30-5:30 pm.

What is a Poster Presentation?
A poster presentation is a graphic representation that illustrates your study by using text, graphs, photos, tables, and figures in a poster format. Presenters hold discussions about their study with participants who circulate among the posters. Many poster presenters find it helpful to provide a brief introduction to their study and allow time for the viewers to ask questions.

Poster Requirements

  • Posters should be 3 feet x 3 1/2 feet in size.
  • Posters may have either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • The Poster Committee will provide cardboard backing, thumbtacks, and easels for displaying the posters.
  • If you plan to use a laptop along with your poster presentation, please inform the Symposium Organizers ( in advance so they can secure a table and electrical connections.
  • The presenter should remain by his/her poster for the duration of the two-hour session.
  • Poster presenters must submit a PDF of their poster to the Poster Committee so they may be available for our streamed participants.

Tips for Creating your Poster Presentation

  • Information about how to make a poster in PowerPoint is available on YouTube. Here is one helpful link:
  • Your poster should include the title of the presentation and the name of the researcher(s).  Letters in the title should be at least 1 inch high.
  • The poster should be well labeled and legible from a distance of approximately 10 feet. Use a large font size and avoid use of fancy fonts. Using upper and lowercase letters helps readability. Sans serif fonts (e.g., Veranda) are much easier to read than Serif fonts.