RID-NAD Continuing Education Units - Questions and Answers

The National Alliance of Black Interpreters DC Chapter (NAOBI-DC), an RID-approved CMP sponsor, is lending generous support by processing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the Symposium.

Q. How many CEUs can I earn?
You can earn up to 1.425 Professional Studies (PS) CEUs. There are 39 CEU-earning activities available at the Symposium. (Unexpected presenter cancellations may lower the CEU total).

  • Each keynote presentations is worth .075 CEUs.
  • Individual presentations are worth .05 CEUs Registrants may earn CEUs for only one presentation per time slot.
  • The poster session is worth .3 CEUs. Registrants must attend the entire poster session to earn CEUs.

Q. How do I keep track of my presentation attendance?
You can track your attendance by marking the presentations you attend on the program schedule. We will not be using barcodes or sign-in sheets at the Symposium. Registrants are responsible for accurately reporting attendance and should keep the marked program schedule or a photo for their records.

Q. How do I submit my information to earn CEUs?
Submit evaluations of the Symposium and CEU information online at the conclusion of the Symposium. Steps:

1. After 12 pm on Sunday April 2, visit http://bit.ly/2017symposiumeval.
2. Complete the Symposium evaluation.
3. Select “Yes” to request CEUs.
4. Enter your name and RID number.*
5. Select the presentations you attended.
6. Enter your initials on the form to confirm that the information is accurate.
7. Submit! You can choose to receive email confirmation for your records.

*Please check that your RID number and name are entered exactly as they appear on your RID Member Profile. The CEU Team will not be able to follow-up with individual members to correct member information.

Q. When is my online evaluation and CEU form due?
You must submit your CEU information before 11:59pm EST on Sunday April 9, 2017.

Q. When will I receive my CEUs?
CEUs will be submitted to RID no later than May 26, 2017. RID requests 4-6 weeks to update CEU/ACET transcripts. If your CEUs are not on your transcript by July 10, contact cmp@rid.org.

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