Students in the BAI program conduct research projects in the final semester of their studies prior to graduation. Using video and other data, the students analyze specific features of interpreting or translation and then give a public poster presentation of their findings. Each of the BAI students' names and their projects are provided below.

2019 BAI Research Poster Presentations

bai-poster-presentations-stephen-birch-photo  bai-poster-presentations-paulina-burnham-photo  bai-poster-presentations-lucia-cavalier-photobai-poster-presentations-alyasha-dyer-photo  bai-poster-presentations-natalier-franks-photo  bai-poster-presentations-anna-lynch-photo

2019 BAI Posters
Stephen Birch Jr. 
Use of Initialized Signs Between Hearing and Deaf Interpreters in Emergency Broadcast Settlings  View poster.

Paulina Burnham
Translation Tactics used by Deaf Performers and ASL Interpreters Translating Instrumental Segments of Music that do not contain Lyrics  View poster.

Lucia Cavalier 
Translating Music: Deaf and Hearing Performers  View poster

Alysha Dyer
Hearing vs. Deaf Interpreter Mouth Movements  View poster

Natalie Franks 
ASL Expansions Interpreted to English Compressions  View poster

Anna Lynch 
Music Translation: Comparing Classifier Signs between Deaf, CODA, and Hearing Signers in Music Videos  View poster.

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