Students in the BAI program conduct research projects in the final semester of their studies prior to graduation. Using video and other data, the students analyze specific features of interpreting or translation and then give a public poster presentation of their findings.  Each of the BAI students' names and their projects are provided below.

bai-poster-presentations-2016-group-photo-#1           bai-poster-presentations-2016-group-photo-#2

2016 BAI Research Poster Presentations

Stephanie Casper
Government interpreting: Strategies in a field of jargon View poster.

Dustin Catt
Non-manual signals (NMS): What do they mean and how do we interpret them? View poster.

Caroline Chabolla
Comparing the incorporation of ASL features between a deaf and hearing interpreter within their interpretations View poster.

Marianne Doremus
What are the interpreter training programs for heritage learners (CODAs)? View poster.

Abby Jackson
An investigation of interpreting strategies when overlapping dialogue occurs in the English source  View poster.

Sheila Jackson
Interpreting defocused agent construal's from spoken English to American Sign Language View poster.

Lucas King
Types of repairs during ASL to English voiced interpretations View poster.

Sara LaBella
Powerless language in interpretations of ASL: Does gender play a role? View poster.

Christine McQuaid
What did you say?: Interpreting dialogue from ASL to spoken English View poster.

Danielle Morris
Processing time in medical settings View poster.

Kathryne Nash
How are question related non-manual markers adjusted when using TASL? View poster.

Lola Phan
Platform settings: Top 5 discourse markers used in English to ASL interpreting View poster.

Daisy Jo Robinson
An investigation of repairs and clarification strategies made during American Sign Language to English interpretation while interpreting in platform settings View poster.

Michael Sinclair
Incorporation of constructed action & constructed dialogue in ASL to English translations  View poster.

Allison Tyeryar
What comes first, the noun or the classifier in educational interpreting? View poster.

2015 BAI Research Poster Presentations