Students in the BAI program conduct research projects in the final semester of their studies prior to graduation. Using video and other data, the students analyze specific features of interpreting or translation and then give a public poster presentation of their findings. Each of the BAI students' names and their projects are provided below.

2017 BAI Research Poster Presentations

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2017 BAI Posters
Joshua Cauley
Mid-Sentential Pausing: The Effects of a Shortened Processing Time  View poster.

Savannah Hiatt
A Gender Comparison of Non-Manual Eyebrow Usage During Platform Interpreting  View poster.

India Hitchcock
Interpreting Strategies: Medical Terminology from English to American Sign Language  View poster

Rodney Lebon
Is There Anyone That Speaks Like Me? An Analysis of Video Text Made for Interpreter Education Programs and the Inclusion of People of Color  View poster

Aviva Levy
Production of Numbers by Deaf Native ASL Signers and Hearing Non-Native Signers  View poster

Paris McTizic
Black Faculty Matters: Are There Enough Black Faculty in Interpreter Education Programs? View poster.

Lauren Mullahey
Differentiating Between Depiction Use of Deaf Interpreters and Hearing Interpreters View poster

Tabatha Podleiszek
ASL Mouthing vs. English Mouthing Used by Female and Male Interpreter View poster.

Billy Sims
To be or not to be. An Analysis of "to be" Verbs in English to ASL Interpretation View poster

2016 BAI Research Poster Presentations
2015 BAI Research Poster Presentations