The Center for the Advancement of Interpreting and Translation Research (CAITR) is an initiative within the Gallaudet University Department of Interpretation and Translation whose role is to cultivate resources, gather information, and encourage collaborations that advance  research on signed language interpreting and translation.

CAITR has been engaged in a number of interrelated research and program endeavors:

  • Supporting the DoIT annual Colloquium Lecture Series.
  • Coordinating the International Symposium on Sign Language Interpreting and Translation Research
  • Offering the Summer Research Institute on Interpreting and Translation Research
  • Creating and securing resources for DoIT faculty and student research
  • Developing partnerships with other research institutions and scholars

CAITR strives to promote understanding of the complex activities of interpreting and translation by supporting the production and dissemination of empirical research.

The mission of CAITR is to cultivate activities that will advance knowledge about signed language interpreting and translation research, and its effect on communication for Deaf individuals worldwide.

The objectives of CAITR include:

  • Provision of research resources and facilities for DoIT students and faculty.
  • Promotion of interpreting and translation research activity by the DoIT students and faculty.
  • Creation of partnerships and collaborations that will advance research in signed language interpretation and translation.
  • Development and oversight of events that support research studies and publication.
  • Cultivation of external funding opportunities for research activity.