Cami Miner

M.A., Interpreting Research, Gallaudet University
B.A., Linguistics, Language Studies: American Sign Language, University of California, San Diego
A.A., American Sign Language Interpreting, Mesa College  

Research Interests
Deaf and hard of hearing emergent signers, language contact, language attitudes, transliteration and interpreter code choice and interpreter education

Selected Publication or Presentations
Miner, C. (2019). Observation in interpreter education: Bridging the gap through situated learning. RID Views 36(4), 32-35.

Miner, C. (2018). Interpreting for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Emergent Signers in Academia. Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) Conference Proceedings.  

Miner, C. (2014). Social Media and Interpretation; Workshop Report. San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (SDCRID) InTouch Newsletter.

Contact Information