Dr. Erica Alley

Ph.D., Interpretation, Gallaudet University
M.A., Interpretation, Gallaudet University
B.A., American Sign Language, University of Rochester

Research Interests

Interpreting in video relay service and video remote interpreting settings, trilingual interpreting (Spanish, English, American Sign Language), interpreters’ strategies and decision-making in their work

Selected Publications
Quinto-Pozos, D., Alley, E., Casanova de Canales, K., & Treviño, R. (in press). When language is underspecified for particular linguistic features: Spanish-ASL-English interpreters’ decisions in mock VRS calls. In B. Nicodemus & K. Cagle (Eds.), Selected papers from the International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research (Vol. 1).

Alley, E. (2014). “Who makes the rules anyway?”: Reality and perception of guidelines in video relay service interpreting. The Interpreters’ Newsletter, 19, 13-26. Available at:

Alley, E. (2012). Exploring remote interpreting. International Journal of Interpreter Education, 4 (1), 111-119

Contact Information