Margie A. English

MBA, Marketing, University of Phoenix, 2006.
BA, English, Gallaudet University, 1998.
Project CLIMB Facilitator Certification, University of Northern Colorado, May 2018.
DeafBlind Interpreting Institute Certification, Western Oregon University, December 2018.
Certificate, Project Cultivating Legal Interpreters from Minority Backgrounds (CLIMB), 2018.

Research Interests
Leadership, pedagogy, ideology, theology, narratives, ASL-English and Easy Reading English translation, communications, organizational culture, strategic planning, consensus building, history, Deaf history, Deaf interpreting, and language planning.

Selected Publications or Presentations  
English, M. A. (2019, Fall). Teaching interpreters with the case method. VIEWS, 36(4), 28-30.

English, M., Martinez  D., &  Mathers, C. (2019, July). “Interpreting Depositions.” In C. Multra-Kraft & S. Zito (Co-chairs), Equality again now. The Registry of Interpreters National Conference, Providence, Rhode Island.

English, M. (2000). “Recollections.” In K. Ogulnick (Ed.), Language crossings: Negotiating the self in a multicultural world (pp. 92-97). New York: Teacher’s College Press.

EnglishWit Solutions (Ed.). (2012). Deaf self-advocacy training: curriculum tool kit (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers. Retrieved from

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