Colloquium Lecture Series
September 8, 2017
Dr. Patrick Boudreault, Associate Professor in the Department of Interpretation and Translation (DOIT), summarized the work of a 10-year project on the Deaf Genetic Project, a cross-collaborative effort to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate educational materials for members of the Deaf community who use ASL. 
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Colloquium Lecture Series
April 14, 2017
Folami Ford presented "Creating a space of our own: A phenomenological study of the lived reality of African American ASL-English interpreters."
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Colloquium Lecture Series
February 10, 2017
Dr. Emily Shaw presented her research titled "Gesture in multiparty interactions" in the 2016-2017 DOIT Colloquium Lecture Series
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Colloquium Lecture Series
November 11, 2016
Dr. Flavia Fleischer presented "Incorporating community cultural wealth into the interpreting profession" for the Department of Interpretation and Translation Colloquium Lecture Series. (Janis Cole, doctoral candidate, on left.)
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Colloquium Lecture Series
September 9, 2016
Dr. Lindsey Snyder lecturing on "Speak hands for me: Shakespeare, American Sign Language, and rhetorical gesture."
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Save the Date!
The Department of Interpretation will host the second Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research on March 31-April 2, 2017.


Colloquium Lecture Series
April 15, 2016
Dr. Laurie Swabey from St. Catherine University presented a lecture titled "First, do no harm: The case for specialization in healthcare interpreting."
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Colloquium Lecture Series
March 4, 2016
Dr. Jack Hoza from the University of New Hampshire presented his research on working in "the zone" in interpretation.
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Colloquium Lecture Series 
December 4, 2015
Dr. Giulia Petitta, Mark Halley, and Dr. Brenda Nicodemus presented their research on metalinguistic references in interpretation for the 2015-2016 DOI Colloquium Lecture Series.
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Colloquium Lecture Series 
October 9, 2015
Dr. Jules Dickinson (center in red) from the U.K. presented her research on interpreters' role in the workplace in the 2015-16 Colloquium Lecture Series.
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Summer Interpreting and Translation Research Institute
August 2-7, 2015
The Center for the Advancement of Interpreting and Translation Research (CAITR) in Gallaudet's Department of Interpretation recently collaborated with the Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation Program (GSIT) at the University of Maryland to host the inaugural Summer Interpreting and Translation Research Institute. The participants are shown in this photo.


Claudio Bendazzoli, Assistant Professor of English language and translation at the Department of Economic and Social Studies at the University of Torino, Italy, was hosted by the DOI to present a lecture on the creation, development, and maintenance of corpus data for Interpreting and Translation Studies. (April 16, 2015)


Brenda Nicodemus and David Sawyer were awarded the 2015 Event Grant from the European Society for Translation Studies (EST). The grant will support the inaugural  Summer Interpreting and Translation Research Institute jointly organized by Gallaudet University and the University of Maryland. The Institute will be held at Gallaudet University on August 2-7 2015. This is the first time that the EST grant was awarded to an institution outside of Europe.


A volume titled Symposium Selected Papers (Volume 1) is forthcoming from Gallaudet University Press. Brenda Nicodemus and Keith Cagle served as editors for the volume. The book includes contributions by DOI faculty Jeremy L. Brunson and DOI doctoral students and alumni Erica Alley, Lisa Barrick, Rebecca Jennings, Annie Marks, Annette Miner, and Roberto Santiago. (March 2015)

investigations-in-healthcare-interpreting-book-photo  deaf-interpreters-at-work-book-photo

The Studies in Interpretation series, overseen by editors Melanie Metzger and Earl Fleetwood, has published a series of volumes on interpreting research. Two recent collections include Deaf Interpreters at Work (edited by Robert Adam, Christopher Stone, Steven Collins and Melanie Metzger) and Investigations in Healthcare Interpreting (edited by Brenda Nicodemus and Melanie Metzger). (February 2015)

service-learning-in-interpreter-education-book-photo  evolving-paradigms-in-interpreter-education-book-photo

The Interpreter Education Series, overseen by Cynthia Roy recently produced three new volumes including In Our Hands (Laurie Swabey and Karen Malcolm, editors), Service Learning in Interpreter Education (Sherry Shaw, author) and Evolving Paradigms in Interpreter Education (Elizabeth Winston and Christine Monikowski, editors)


DoIT faculty member Danielle Hunt served as co-editor for the Proceedings of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers Conference, which took place in Portland, Oregon in October 2014.


Hilary Mayhew presented a poster, Mentoring Tools & Tips, at the Conference of Interpreter Trainers conference. The poster highlighted the wide variety of best practice resources contained in the Mentoring Toolkit. (October 2014)


Beverly Hollrah was an author in Toward Effective Practice: Interpreting in Spanish-influenced Settings (Hacia las Prácticas Efectivas: Interpretación en Situaciones Influenciadas por el Español). This publication (available in English and Spanish) adds to the current body of research, literature, and resources by highlighting the myriad elements that comprise the trilingual "big picture."

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