Goal ~ To increase the size, skill set, and diversity of the interpreting profession and advance the field of interpreting education.

Mission ~ The National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers builds and promotes effective practices in interpreting education. The National Consortium draws upon the wisdom and energy of experts, consumers and other stakeholders to advance the field. The National Consortium is dedicated to challenging the status quo by promoting innovation, strong partner networks and multiculturalism throughout its programming. As responsible stewards of public funding, the Consortium is committed to products, programs and services that maximize resources and are replicable, measurable, sustainable and non-proprietary.

Vision ~ A diverse community of interpreters fluent in sign language and culture, engaging in critical thinking, and responsible for meaning transfer.

Diversity ~ We recognize that people have different cultural, linguistic, social, class, ethnic backgrounds or national origin. Each of us is enriched by the lives and experience of others. We actively seek input, counsel and involvement from many communities and from stakeholders who are under-represented in our field.

Cultural and Linguistic Sensitivity ~ We demonstrate appreciation for others through active listening and respect for one another's values and norms. We keep our minds open to new perspectives and challenge our own thinking.

Education ~ We value the broad range of ways in which people learn and in which education may be delivered. We seek to provide programming which meets the varied needs of interpreters and interpreter educators. Access ~ We strive to design our materials to be accessible to the broadest audience possible.