These videos are excellent professional development resources for interpreters, educators, and mentors. Most videos are in ASL and include unrehearsed interpretations by skilled Gallaudet Interpreting Services staff. Watch videos for the content, or use the presentations & interpretations as source texts for analysis and practice.

Thank you to our presenters for sharing their work with us, and we hope our stakeholders can continue to benefit from and pass on this knowledge. Please be advised that content remains the property of GURIEC and presenters. Please do share it with your colleagues! However, it may not be shared for profit, altered, reproduced, or redistributed without permission of GURIEC and/or the presenter(s).  

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Video Collections



Moving Onward, Upward, and Beyond. Professional Development Series

Moving Onward, Upward, and Beyond. Professional Development Series, 2011

Teaching Interpreting Online Series, 2011

Academic ASL Presentation, 2011


GURIEC National Video Interpreting Symposium 2012

Deaf/Hearing Interpreter Teams, Workshop Series, 2012

Deaf Interpreting Series: Team Strategies DVD, 2012

Interpreting and Pragmatics: Insights from Deaf Interpreter's Target Language Focused Renderings

Spoken and Signed Language Prosody, 2012

Positioning Interpreting -- The Concept of Role Space, 2012

Depiction, Blending, and Constructed Action ... Oh My! 2012


Garbage In = Garbage Out: Recent Findings on the Importance of Source Text Selection in Assessing Interpretations and Translations, 2013

Colloquium Lecture Series, 2013-14


Colloquium Lecture: Deaf Children's Comprehension of Direct vs. Interpreted Education


The TruBiz Model, A DIY Approach to Mentorship: What every interpreter ought to know about peer mentoring

Colloquium Lecture: Are Some ASL Lexical Signs Thousands of Years Old?

Colloquium Lecture: Possibilities and Pitfalls of Educational Interpreting

Intersectional Identity Matters: Constructing and Performing Identity in Interpreted Settings

Colloquium Lecture: Professional Identity Development of Interpreters

Colloquium Lecture: The Workplace Interpreter's Role: It's not all about work!


Colloquium Lecture: Interpreting in the Zone

Colloquium Lecture: Interpreting Metalinguistic References in Discourse

Colloquium Lecture: First, do no harm - The case for specialization in healthcare interpreting

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