Dr. Jules Dickinson 
BSL/ English interpreter and Researcher 
Heriot-Watt University 
United Kingdom

The workplace is a complex and multi-layered environment, governed by implicit cultural norms and rules. In this highly specialized setting, signed language interpreters are expected to shift roles between confidant, co-worker, interpreter, assistant and advocate, while having very little guidance on how to balance and maintain their professional and personal boundaries. Effective practice in this setting requires the interpreter to commit to working collaboratively with both Deaf and hearing employees. In exploring the challenges, joys, and dilemmas of workplace settings, Dr. Dickinson reaffirms the need for the interpreter to be an integral, visible, and active part of the communication process.

Lecturer bio:
Jules Dickinson is a scholar and experienced community interpreter based in the UK. Her doctoral dissertation examined the ways that interpreters impact workplace interaction, with specific focus on humor and small talk in meetings. Jules continues to support the development of the interpreting profession in her roles as teacher, research-practitioner, and supervisor. In addition, she has published extensively on workplace interpreting.

The Workplace Interpreter's Role: It's not all about work